The Impactful UltraChic Hat

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let the message on the red interior be your fire 

Each hat carries a message for your self-belief that you see and not just others when worn.

A message that'll fuel your self-belief and passion.

Order a hat and Unwrap your message today.

*Your message will be picked for you. If you want a specific empowering message feel free to send an email to

Messages available:-

Beautiful:-Beauty is within

Unique:-Stay true to your identity

Confidence:-Takes work and awareness

Oneself:-Be just you, that's always enough

Kind:-Be kind to yourself first then everybody else

Get your hat today and unwrap the message that will be chosen for you. 

Hat Details:-

NOT too floppy- holds the shape as shown in images


58 CM (22.8 Inches) Head Circumference

12 CM (4.7 Inches) Hat Brim

100% Straw Exterior- White Color

100% Cotton Interior- Red Color

Light material

Best hat for travel- crush-able and pack-able/ won't lose shape. 

Very easy to clean- use damp cloth only

Color available- white hat exterior, red hat interior 

Choose your message by emailing your preference, or let us surprise you

*Limited availability*

Dress your arms with something meaningful that’ll be there for you to remind you to believe in yourself

'The Reminder Bracelets', each bracelet carries a reminder for your self-belief

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