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My Story

Hi, I am Tamara Alzayat, the founder of Eve’s Mania. Ahhh, It feels good to get this name out of my head and to the world!
In case you’re wondering, I came up with the name in my entrepreneurship class in 2014 when I had to plan for a business. The assignment was to write a business plan for my future business, and I did and I planned and I actually took some steps. But months after, fear and doubt creeped in, and I just put everything on hold and soon after, I went on with my life. For four years, this idea of opening an online fashion business for women stayed in my heart and on my mind.
After going through so many jobs and working in different industries, I realized how unsatisfied I felt and constantly found myself planning my exit out of whatever job I had at the time. 
In October of 2018 I was with a close friend of mine and we were talking about life since she had gone through a life threatening experience (Cancer), so you can imagine she viewed life in a different way, perhaps valued it more. And at that time I was truly unhappy with my stagnant, meaningless life. My friend had been associating herself with motivational podcasts and books, so I started doing the same! I listened to motivational podcasts, read books, went to seminars, and the more I affiliated myself with these type of people, the more I could relate to them and really connect with the things they said and the thoughts they had, and that was what made me believe I can turn my dream into a goal and pushed me to take action. 
My initial plan was to open a business in fashion for women, but honestly, that didn't feel enough. I felt like building a brand that wasn't just 'cute' but meaningful as well, something that would make a change in this world, a positive change I decided to start with hats because I always had a special love for hats. I  designed hats that carried messages for women that hold them accountable to their self-belief. Eve's Mania promises to empower women through reminding them of qualities they may have forgotten they had and to be a woman's constant flow of positivity. Oh and by the way, my friend kicked cancer's butt and she is now on her own journey of opening a business;)