Your self worth > your heart

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Self worth and respect go together, and they're an important ingredient for self-belief and confidence. 

How do you expect to be happy about yourself if you lost your self worth?

And why does the title of this post say self worth over your heart? Because sometimes the heart takes you in directions that could lead you in being disrespected and you would overlook that for the sake of your heart. 

It's a beautiful thing to be able to follow your heart (at your job, business, partner, or any decision) but only if it aligns with logic and with your self worth.

If you lose your self worth, that's a damage in the long term and it needs so much work to bring it back to the level it used to be at, but the heart heals.

The heart wants so many things, especially if you're an emotional person, but if you keep your self worth and logic in mind and you're aware of all three, then there's no way of making a wrong decision.

I direct this mostly to women because women are more emotional than men and they would make decisions based on emotions and forget about their self worth and logic.

So make sure you protect your self worth and know that you're worth SO much, so much. 

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