Worry about what you can control ONLY!

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I believe we're all control freaks to a certain extent, don't you agree?

Usually control freaks are presented as people who want to control others around them, but control freaks are also the people that want an outcome to be a certain way, an exact way they had imagined, they try to play with all the factors possible to achieve that outcome and if that doesn't happen, they'll lose their minds.

You want a specific job, or a partner, or a business start up to work, or a specific president nominee to win?

You can do the things you're in control of, make the steps that you have to make, even envision the result you want, and let faith play its role, but afterwards, you have to let it go. YES! LET IT GO! 

Let it go means go on with your life, don't pause, don't dwell, and don't try to do things you subconsciously know won't be in your control.

Don't obsess in an unhealthy way over things you can't control.

Wanting something so bad will naturally make you take all the steps you have to take to achieve it, and sometimes the outcome happens the way we imagined it, sometimes it happens in unexpected ways, but if you keep having that control mentality, it will turn against you, and that outcome you want to get to will end up being in control of you and your feelings. 

Imagine someone with anorexia..in the beginning, the person is in perfect control, they start eating only healthy foods, and then they start eating less and less of the healthy foods to get to the body shape they want, but then their own thoughts and obsessions start being in control of them and it turns against them and they completely lose control of the situation and their health starts deteriorating. 

So please stay in control and live in the moment because being controlled by something you created is scary.




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