Are you high?

Posted by Tamara alzayat on

"Why do you always seem so happy?" , "Miss happy", "What's your secret?"

These are things I have heard before from the people I am surrounded with. 

You would think this is just the way I am, and you are right! I almost always have been this bubbly and joyful girl. But life gets in the way and it could sometimes suck that away from you like a vacuum and you could easily lose yourself to life. 

However, making it a habit to remind yourself to be positive and joyful will never fail you. Habits are hard to give up because they are a regular tendency or practice, so when you get yourself and your psych used to this habit of staying happy and positive, life will not get to take away your joy for too long when an unfortunate situation happens and you will naturally find ways to stay in that happy and positive state. 

It is in your hands to be happy, and your definition of happiness CAN be different than everyone else's. 

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