Who Am I?

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I bet you have asked yourself this question at least once in your life. It is not easy to answer this, and it doesn’t come to you right away, it takes  life experiences, seeing different cultures, dealing with people from different walks of life and digging deep, by asking questions, mostly asking yourself.

I can guarantee you though that you won’t be a complete self-believer until you identify yourself.

How can you believe in yourself if you aren’t sure of your identity, right?

I struggled with this, especially because I grew up in the middle east and moved to the states right after high school, so my identity was kind of lost, I didn’t know if I was now going to be considered an American or referred to as an immigrant, and that is the case with most of the people that come from countries that have no stability, they struggle with their identity, they aren’t sure of how to act, we naturally need a label to move on, relationships, status, etc. And that is why the need to answer this question will always be there.

Now, I  can honestly say that I am not white enough to be an American and I am not Arabic enough to be an Arab, I am simply Arab American. Same thing with mixed children of two different religions or backgrounds. They end up adopting qualities from both worlds and combine in into their own beautiful world.

I lacked self-belief, and I know a lot of people lack it, and that is okay! As long as you are constantly seeking to better yourself and finding your identity, then you are on the right path

That is what drives me to continue with my journey, my mission of turning you into a self-believer. It is not just my company’s mission, I think it is my life’s mission, and it is something I can be proud of and be my main drive in low times.

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