Where is your ship going?

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Where is your ship going?

For 25 years of my life, my ship was just sailing, no direction, no solid goals, just dreams and ideas. Part of it was because I lacked self-belief and confidence and part of it was lack of knowledge. Not knowing where to start, or how to start, and that is where people get stuck and quit.

I got lucky, because I stumbled across a tool indirectly and I grabbed the opportunity because I was desperately waiting for something, I just didn’t know what. I mentioned this before when I wrote about my story on the website, but my tool was cancer happening to a close friend (talk about blessings in disguise). During her recovery, I met with her, and we started talking about life and purpose. She encouraged me to listen to a specific podcast and read specific books, and it turns out, that is all the push I needed to start my new life and finally set a direction to my ship. I already had a dream, I just didn’t believe enough in it, but after I started surrounding myself with successful, happy people, my belief grew, my confidence sky rocketed, and I finally turned my dream into a goal.

I believe every human being has a dream, they may call it something else because they may have thought they couldn’t dream, but that idea you have, or that thought that keeps coming to your mind, or that person you have been wanting to approach, these are all things that you can accomplish, all you need is self -belief. You don’t have to have everything figured out, just have the courage to dream it, take small steps towards it and then the magic happens.  

Can you promise me to set a direction to your ship?

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