When things get hard

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I wrote this one when I was in the waiting room at fire stone where I waited for my car oil to be changed, and I had a couple of hard moments that day. It is safe to say that these moments are bound to happen to us and we are bound to feel them. Sometimes, we will feel hopeless and even helpless but we’re never truly helpless. There is a blessing in disguise in every situation, and we don’t often see these blessings right away.

This is what I do when I am hit with these moments, I hype myself up, I remind myself that I can, and I will, and that nothing good comes easy, every amazing result has been faced with resistance and hardships. And I realize that I am in control, I snap my mind out of any negative thought, I stop it from going down in the negative track and I turn it around.

I wrote about being in control of your mind before and it is obviously the most powerful organ because that is where all your thoughts and decisions come from. You must realize that it takes practice and it takes time to finally be able to be in control of your mind but being aware of that is a very good start.  

Practice shifting your mindset when you are feeling down, look for the good in every situation and you will find it.

Remember this always, every situation is temporary, even the bad ones.

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