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When things don't go your way

When things don't work out as planned, what do you do?
I know what I stopped doing. I stopped getting angry, I stopped blaming others, I stopped regretting, and I stopped looking for ways that I could've avoided an unwanted outcome.
Instead, I started looking for the good in the unexpected outcome, the lessons to learn, and the positive in general.
This all goes back to your mindset and being in control instead of letting the external world control you.
With that being said, it's important to remember that humans aren't perfect and we'll definitely run into situations where anger and negativity will win. But as long as you remember to keep fishing for the good in every bad situation or unexpected outcome, you'll be a winner. 
So the next time your flight gets canceled, your boyfriend breaks up with you, you fight with your sister, someone steals from you, or anything unplanned occurs, roll with it, learn from it, and fish for the good in it.

Stay positive friends <3

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  • Blakes

    Well written and well said!!! The older I get, the more I roll with the punches. Life is too short to hold on to things that can sometimes be out of your control.

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