What's your primary emotion?

Posted by Tamara alzayat on

What are you mostly like?

Are you usually joyful, stressed, sad, or angry? You will for sure feel all of those emotions, but what are you mostly like? What do you portray yourself as to people?

You can be financially free, have the best job, have a beautiful family and still be an angry person, and you can be financially restricted and struggling to have a child with your spouse, but be a generally joyful person. Basically, you have control of your emotions, your outlook on life and your focus on the positive is what makes a world's difference in your primary emotion.

Be fulfilled with your current situation, be happy with where you are at, because fulfillment doesn't necessarily come with achieving a certain goal, it is by truly feeling everything and being present. Do things that make your heart happy, and stay focused on yourself and the positives in your life, because there is always at least one positive thing going on around you.

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