What was the point of...?

Posted by Tamara alzayat on

You know you wondered why a certain situation had to happen,why you had to meet a specific person, or why an unfortunate event occurred. 

First, you have to understand that nothing happens for no reason. Sometimes the reason is someone else's reason, sometimes it's a lesson in disguise, or a blessing, or an experience, or a tool that you'll need in the future. 

Everything that you encounter gets stored in your subconscious, that's where most of your decisions come from and whatever is in your subconscious is a result of all the events and the people you met before that might have not made sense. 

You sometimes have control on what happens to you, but sometimes you don't. Your job is to filter whatever you can control and roll with what you can't.

Life isn't easy, we are bound to unfortunate events, we are bound to get hurt from people we meet and we are bound to failure, but all you have to do is fish for the reasons, fish for the lessons, because there's a reason for everything and everyone you come across in your life, but remember, if you can't find your reason or lesson, you just played a role in their reason. 



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