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As women, we tend to ignore and overlook certain things in our significant other, just so we can feel happiness, but we forget that it is temporary happiness. The temporary happiness is feeling wanted and receiving the attention we crave.

From my previous experience, I can guarantee you that the small signs count more than the big signs, big signs are calculated, big gestures are thought through , but small details, these are the ones that show you someone’s true identity.

Some people say that true colors show when a person is irritated or angry, and generally that is true in my opinion. When a situation arises, and the person is taken by surprise, they act as they would naturally because they haven’t thought about it nor planned their reaction.

Don’t judge when someone is happy or when a situation is easy because who isn’t nice when they’re happy?  

Another sign I always look at is how the person is with other people and their family members. Do they look down at people? Do they help people in need? Are they sweet to their siblings? Parents?

Remember this always, do not ignore the small signs because these are the small truths behind the mask they try to impress you with.

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