Unforgettable words

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• Resistance gives meaning to everything, it makes something more significant. If a tree was your dream, its shadow is the resistance- taken from an interview with Marie Forleo and Steven Pressfield

• Mastering self-sabotage, self-resistance, overwhelm is far more important than your talent - taken from an interview with Marie Forleo and Steven Pressfield

• Think of any process like you think of music, you’re supposed to enjoy music, you don’t wait for the song to end to start enjoying it. – Dean Graziosi

• Gratitude is the grand daddy of all positive emotions- not sure where that came from

• Talking to yourself in a third manner will have a positive effect on you- Brendon Burchard

• High performance isn’t a natural thing, it’s the result of a special set of deliberate habits. You can learn these habits and reach high performance in nearly any endeavor you choose.- Brendon Burchard

• You don’t need permission for ambition- Brendon Burchard

• We don’t have excuses to repeat the same mistakes made in the past- Yasmin Mojahed

• Repetition isn’t just for emphasis, it’s to reflect and really deeply think about it- Yasmin Mojahed

• Don’t get paralyzed by the fear of uncertainty, do your part and leave it to god- Yasmin Mojahed

• if you want to be someone important, have an important message- me

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