The 5 things every person needs to be happy

Posted by Tamara alzayat on

There are certain things an individual needs to be happy and live a fulfilled life.

1- The need for love:- Every one needs to feel loved and to give love, whether it is for a child, for a parent, a sibling, a friend or an intimate partner.

2- The need for growth:- If someone is not growing, they are not living.They simply won't feel good about themselves, no matter how lazy that person is.

3- The need for significance:- If you get a better grade at school than your friend, you will feel more significant than them. If you accomplish something that you are praised for, you will feel significant. That is a need every person requires for happiness.

4- The need to contribute:- Have you noticed how good it felt to help someone in need? That is a need for us too! It adds a significant amount of happiness to our lives.

5- The need for certainty:- Certainty is sort of like safety for us. For example:- if the city you are in has a hurricane approaching it, you will not be able to focus on anything else going on in your life until you know that hurricane is gone. 

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