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Since this is my first beauty post, and summer is here, kind of, and finally, I will talk to you about the benefits of sunscreen. 

Sunscreen has to be worn every day, every season, whenever you go outside during the day, even if it is gloomy.

Most people only apply 25-50 percent of the recommended amount of sunscreen.

Apply enough sunscreen to cover all exposed skin. Most adults need about 1 ounce or enough to fill a shot glass — to fully cover their body.

Don't forget to apply to the tops of your feet, your neck, your ears and the top of your head.

Apply sunscreen to dry skin 15 minutes before going outdoors.

Skin cancer also can form on the lips. To protect your lips, apply a lip balm or lipstick that contains sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

When outdoors, reapply sunscreen approximately every two hours, or after swimming or sweating, according to the directions on the bottle. 

A high percentage of fine lines and wrinkles is from sun exposure.

If you have dark spots, they will get worse with the sun if not protected by sunscreen

Credit goes to:- American Academy Of Dermatology

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