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Self Belief

Self belief is the fuel that keeps you going in life. First, I want to clear the differences between self belief and self confidence. Confidence is the way you show up to the outside world. And self belief is the way you feel internally regardless of your past, looks, or situation. They work together, and one doesn’t exist without the other.

What comes first?

Self belief. You must work on yourself internally before you can show up to the world confidently. I will share with you some tools that I use to work on my self belief.

  • Take ownership of everything in your life, basically, stop the blame game.
  • Acquire knowledge. Learn as much as you can learn, because knowledge is power.
  • Be kind to others and don’t expect anything in return.
  • Be grateful for every situation and every person that came into your life.
  • Surround yourself with positive, inspiring people.

4 is my most powerful one, maybe because 4 is my lucky number :p ( you would know If you read the “it all started with a crush” blog  😉

I always had this desire in my heart to empower women and change them into self believers. It continuously bothered me to see people, especially women, self doubt and self sabotage. I needed to do everything in my power to change that and so I decided to do it through fashion (since that’s all that excites me)  and I created a fashion brand that targets women’s self belief.

If these tools make at least one person a self believer then I have moved one step closer to my mission being accomplished.

Let me know what you want to start with from the tools I shared to become more of a self believer and less of a self doubter.


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