Putting the ADHD in you on a leash

Posted by Tamara alzayat on

These days we all have ADHD, it is a noisy world and we are surrounded by so any sources of distraction. If your device is sitting next to you and you hold it, you will automatically be sucked into that world and these distractions.

But sometimes you need to be in control and aware of these distractions, especially when you have a test you are studying for, or a project you are working on, or a baby to take care of.

Sounds simple right? But it doesn’t stop here, it isn’t just a matter of turning your device off, because your thoughts have been invaded already, you have already seen too many things, and read too many articles and watched too many videos, your mind is crowded, your plans and goals start over lapping and you start working on so many things and your goal starts becoming 5 different goals because of all these things you saw.

That’s why it is important to be aware of this, to control what you feed your brain and work on one goal at a time and not consume too much information. Because if you don’t end up honing on one thing, you will take longer to reach what you are working towards.

Remember to always write your goals and start working on one goal at a time, your brain needs to always be reminded of that goal especially in our noisy world.

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