Past vs Future/ 2019 vs 2020

Posted by Tamara alzayat on

How lucky are we to get a clean, fresh start every year? We love that idea, it feels good to know that we get another chance to try again and make that goal work, or work on a new goal. It is a motivating idea because everyone is doing it.

But the truth is, most of the time, these goals don't get accomplished, and people usually give up by the second or third month of the beginning of the year.

That is why it is important to remember that every day is like a new year for you, because it is a new day, which means new everything. You don't have to wait for New Year's Eve or day to decide that you want to start working on a goal, you can do that any day of the year, any time of the day.

Just always remember this when you are working on that goal, your past and future are linked and intertwined but they're not each other's limitations.  



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