If you really knew me, you would know that I....

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The 'if you really knew me' exercise has been used by a respectable motivational speaker at a seminar. The effect this exercise has is very powerful because when people share their struggles, desires or what's really going on in their minds, they realize that we're all very similar, life becomes a bit easier, and their struggles aren't as heavy anymore. 

Sharing your thoughts helps you in so many ways and it also helps the people around you.

When you put your thoughts into words, it might bring you to a possible solution to your issue, or a plan to a goal you have had on your mind or a feeling you needed to overcome something going on in your head. 

So go ahead, and write what we would have known if we really knew you.

Feel free to use 'anonymous' instead of your name if you aren't comfortable sharing your name.

If you really knew me, you would’ve known that I was so good at faking looking confident but wasn’t confident, until I started working on my self-belief.

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