How to win over NEGATIVE thinking in 2 MINS ONLY!

Posted by Tamara alzayat on

This is a tip I learnt from Tony Robins, the author and self development speaker. We all have something that is going on in our lives that is causing us stress or sadness, and if it is not happening right now, it will probably happen or have happened in your lifetime.

Unfortunately, life isn't all about happy and positive moments. That is why it is useful to have these tricks in your pocket so you can pull them out whenever needed. 

When you are facing negative thinking like anxiety, an overwhelming feeling, a tough goal to reach, or loss of a loved one; you'll feel better by doing the following:-

1- Remind yourself of your accomplishments

2- Think about how you would feel once this negative time passes or once you reach that goal you want to reach

3- Stand up in a confident way, pull your chest up, straighten out your shoulders,  put your head up, and place your hands on your hips even just like superman for 2 mins

These might sound silly or simple, but this changes the biochemistry in your brain and your psych becomes more empowered with positive feelings.

So, go ahead and try these simple steps and let me know how you end up feeling in the comment section below.

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