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We all want pretty, full, healthy and shiny hair. Truth is, hair is connected to genetics Yes you can follow some steps to maintain healthy hair, but it's mostly genetics.

So don't stress too much.

I spoke to a hair specialist recently, and she gave me some tips that I would LOVE to share with my girls, because I know the hair struggle is real.

Here are some of the tips she shared:-

1-If you have dry hair/scalp (like mine) then washing it once a week is the perfect answer, if its more on the oily side, then twice to three times is your answer.

2-Coconut oil/olive oil/ almond oil once a month is sufficient for healthy hair (apply oil on dirty hair, and don't apply on scalp and don't over do it, put it over night)

3-Minerals(cheese, legumes, sweet potatoes, nuts, whole grains, celery, oatmeal, bananas, rice, pineapples, eggs, mushrooms) are for hair, vitamins are for skin (fruits, cereals, vegetables, milk)

4-Baby shampoo is the best shampoo to use as it has a minimal chemical composition and is not as harsh as other shampoos

5-If your hair has never been colored, it needs less maintenance. If it has been colored and gets colored regularly, use specific shampoos and serums.

Most importantly, stress has major negative effects on your hair and skin, so be happy! 

If you have other tips to share, you're welcome to share them in the comments section below.



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