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Admit it, at least to yourself, you have talked behind someone’s back at least once in your life. I define gossip as a way to spread hate, feed negativity into yourself, and totally hurt someone’s feelings. Just the simple act of you speaking badly about someone without them being present counts as gossip. I know you must vent sometimes, and you can! It just doesn’t have to be nasty and harmful.

Back in high school, I used to gossip a lot with my friends about other girls ,and one thing I always noticed after I gossiped is that, I didn’t feel good, no matter how much I disliked a person, I would still feel bad about gossiping, you know why? Because that was an ugly show of my character. It’s not something you can be proud of or be liked for.

I think it wasn’t until a circumstance where I saw someone truly hurting from gossip, it made me not ever want to gossip again, because believe it or not, if you hate a person or think you do at least, and gossip to your friends about that person and then they find out, it won’t feel good, you’ll be embarrassed and you’ll lose respect for yourself, without being aware of it.

So now, every time somebody upsets me, I think twice about what words I choose when I am venting to someone, and I will imagine that person in front of me, also put myself in their shoes (as hard as that is). But you know the best way to diffuse tension is by simply talking to that person, after all, that is more honorable and honest.

Remember this always, gossip spreads hate, and adds negativity to your soul before theirs.

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