Full Of Yourself

Posted by Tamara alzayat on

Yes, be full of yourself.

I know this phrase usually has a negative notion but let me explain why it is actually amazing to be full of yourself.

If you fill yourself up with happiness, knowledge, joy, peace, kindness, money, then you will naturally share all of that with the people that surround you. Think of it like a cup that you keep filling until it over floats and goes everywhere.

I don’t know why we always say to narcissists or egotistical people that they are full of themselves, when they are the exact opposite! They aren’t full of themselves, they are lacking so much that they act so hard to appear like they aren’t, because if someone is truly full of him/her self, then they will overly share their kind words, their smiles, their love.

If you had a huge bag full of whatever, wouldn’t you want to share some of it?

Please go work on yourself, go get full of yourself, because this world needs more people that are full of themselves.

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