You don't need couple's therapy. Just use this.

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Every single person is biased towards their own opinion or their own story version. But what if you put yourself in the other party's shoes every time a situation arose? Don't you think there would be a lot less anger and anxiety and a lot more happiness and understanding?

A therapist that has a blog once received two letters. One was from a wife that suspected her husband is having an affair with a gorgeous co-worker, and the other was from a husband that was looking for a friend in his wife that didn't have empathy for his father's passing and his resort was a coworker that understood his pain. These two letters belonged to the man and woman that were married to each other and each had their own story formed in their head.

Imagine if the wife tried to put herself in her husband's shoes or vice versa, how would the letters sound like? I bet there would be a lot more empathy and kindness and that could be a game changer for both parties, and at the point, they might not even have a need for a therapist. 

Try to see the other person's point of view, whether it's your parent, sibling, partner, friend, or boss. Because when you see it from both angles, you are leading it and the situation isn't leading you. 



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  • What happened when the therapist revealed both letters to the husband/wife?

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