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A very desired feeling, could even be intimidating to achieve. Confidence isn’t a trait people just get born with, it is a learned state of feeling. People forget that confidence takes work, just like anything in life.

If you work on yourself, gain knowledge, capabilities, skills, successes, your confidence automatically soars. Confidence consists of courage, capabilities and commitment. From one of my favorite books ‘Millionaire success habits’ by Dean Graziosi; Courage is walking through a door and not knowing what is on the other side. Capabilities come with practicing, getting a road map from the right person or the right source whenever possible. And commitment, not dabbling and committing your full mind and body to that one goal you want to achieve.

You must believe in yourself, more than anyone, because no one will want your success and benefit from it as much as your self.

For example; I wasn't fully confident about my body a year ago, so I set a goal to tone up, not necessarily lose weight, but I wanted to feel and look better. I made the decision to achieve that goal ( that takes courage),then I started researching and reading about health and began to exercise (building my capabilities) and I made it a habit to exercise at least 5 times a week (commitment) and now I feel 100% better about my body and I gained the confidence I needed in that area.

Without confidence, you won’t be able to reach your goal/goals. Start working on your confidence, one baby step at a time.

Remember this always, your confidence will get shaken, life is bound to happen and shake our self-belief, and when that happens, you have to train yourself to remember your accomplishments and what is absolutely extraordinary about you, because we all have cool things about us, we just forget them sometimes.

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