But I'm not good at waiting

Posted by Tamara alzayat on

It's okay to not be okay my friend. Life is full of ups and downs and weird phases.

Not everything has to make sense in the moment, sometimes things click and make sense way later, and the best thing you can do is push through these moments. 

They say patience is a virtue and it really is. It teaches you so many things, without patience you won't be resilient enough to wait for the good things in life.

I believe we all know how to be patient because life throws tests at us that teach us to tolerate delays and sufferings. 

We all think we are bad at it, because it's not enjoyable, but we all know how to do it.

My 4 year old niece always says "I am not good at waiting", it sounds funny when she says it because she's 4, but we all feel this way. She expresses it in such a simple way, but we all truly feel like we aren't good at waiting because we simply don't like to wait, we don't like to wait through the hard times, through the delays, and through the sufferings. 

Next time you don't feel like waiting, just remember there's something good coming.


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