Baby, this is for you

Posted by Tamara alzayat on

Congratulations, you have made it this far in life.

Despite all the let downs and all the hurt, you are still here, fighting.

This is your time, great things are coming your way, and believe me, baby, when I say, because that is all you need for it to be your reality.

You already have all it takes to be the person you want to be, because baby, you wouldn’t have thought it if you weren’t capable of it and that is the only truth that you need to hold on to.

Go on, and follow that fire inside of you, because without risks, you are NOT living the life for you.

Resistance and obstacles are expected to happen because things that happen easily aren’t worthy of staying.

You are worthy of it all, of all those dreams you have, but be careful baby don’t confuse worthiness with entitlement.

You are worthy of it only if you work for it.

All it takes is one baby step and many great ones will follow.

I am so proud of you because of that great fire inside of you, you are not letting it burn you, but fuel the hell out of you.

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