Baby steps are big!

Posted by Tamara alzayat on

Change is very scary, it can be exciting and overwhelming because it's something new, something we are simply not used to. No matter how old you get, change will always scare you.

Think back to your first school day, your first college day, first work day, wedding day, or even your first big purchase, these are all scary.

You don't just do these things, you take baby steps, and these are so essential, they're the building blocks to a successful outcome. 

Anything done towards your goal that you're trying to achieve is considered a baby step, and they're never wasted ones, even if they seem like that in the moment.

A thought is the first step taken towards a goal, and then a feeling, and then any action afterwards, these are your baby steps to your goal. 

If you remember to daily take baby steps towards a goal and not get distracted by meaningless things, then you're holding yourself accountable to your dream.

So go ahead and make that baby step you need to make today to achieve the outcome you are dreaming of. 



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