Are you ACTUALLY living?

Posted by Tamara alzayat on

After listening to Dr Joe Dispenza today on YouTube, I realized that some people are probably just existing, and not living at all. 

What this means is, your brain programmed your body to do the same things every day that when you crave change, it can't take place unless you make a conscious effort to re program your body that is now controlling your brain and everything around it.  

This won't get more complicated  because that is the whole idea made super simple. However, you should be informed of the way to re program your body, starting with your brain. 

To see change, you need to visualize the wanted outcomes, CONSISTENTLY, live the change, feel the change, all in your brain, so often that your body and everything around you will subconsciously drive you to that wanted outcome. 

That is why they say you can do anything, because, once you realize you have control and you are in charge, you will be unstoppable. 

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