A lesson I learned today

Posted by Tamara alzayat on

They say you learn something new every day, or you should at least try to. 

Sometimes you learn things you think you already knew but they hit you when it is the right time as if they were on autopilot and they just got activated. 

I was talking to a loved one today on the phone and they did something while I was talking to them that bothered me and kind of hurt me. In return, my reaction was to be mean and call them names, of course, to hurt them back. 

Before the person even wanted to respond back to my comment, they paused and said, you know what, there is a lesson here. 

And that is if someone treats you badly, don't do it back to them, be kinder than them and be open to forgiving them right away if the mistake was acknowledged. 

That is a very important lesson because it eliminates grudges, spreads love, and teaches you patience. 

So that is the lesson I learned today and will always keep in the back of my mind when someone has upset me.

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