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Eve's Mania-To Make You A Self Believer

A group of women were surveyed about the reasons behind their low confidence. Self comparison, rude people and negative comments were the most common answers.

That why, I ,Tamara Alzayat, founder of Eve’s Mania, decided to focus my brand's mission on turning you into a self believer.

The positive lifestyle fashion brand that'll remind you to believe in yourself.

We all have self doubt moments,trust me! Even Jennifer Lopez has them.

What Eve’s Mania does for YOU:- 

1-Exclusive fashion items carrying reminders YOU actually see when worn, to boost your confidence

2-YOU help the less fortunate (5% of proceeds support PCRF & WHM charities)

3-YOU join a movement & a community

4-YOU look ultra chic 

Buy 'The Reminder Bracelets'- Confidence and Kindness

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